Above the Line

“This book satisfies on every level. I ate my copy and feel very full.”

–Steve Martin

Above the Line is a dazzling gathering of insights and anecdotes from all corners of the film industry — interviews that reveal the skills, intelligence, experiences, and emotions of eleven key players who produce, write, direct, act in, and review the movies: Oliver Stone, Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Robert Evans, Lily Tomlin, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Harrison Ford, Robert Towne, Sharon Stone, and Siskel and Ebert. Witty, scathing, gossipy, generous, the interviewees show just what make the movies work from “Above the Line” — from the perspective of those whose names go above the title. Each of these gifted individuals represents a piece of the puzzle that gives rise to some of the best in moviemaking today.

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