Montel Williams: Climbing Higher

“An absolutely riveting read not only for his fans, but for anyone who’s ever suffered from serious illness.”

–New York Post

In 1999, after almost twenty years of mysterious symptoms that he tried to ignore, Montel Williams, a decorated former naval intelligence officer and Emmy Award winning talk show host, was finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Like others suffering from the devastating and often disabling disease, which attacks the central nervous system, Montel was struck with denial, fear, depression, and anger. Yet somehow he emerged with a fierce determination not to be beaten down by MS, and to live the most vital and productive life possible while becoming a dedicated spokesperson and fundraiser for the disease.

Montel Williams’ Climbing Higher is a penetrating and insightful look at a remarkable man, his extraordinary career, and the tumultuous life that graced him with hard-won courage and wisdom. Now he shares that wisdom in this powerful, searing book on the divergent roads a life can take and recounts how he rose to meet the painful challenges he has faced. In addition, with the help of a team of leading doctors, Montel offers up-to-the-minute information on new MS research and invaluable guidance for managing MS. Deeply personal and sure to be controversial, Climbing Higher is as honest, inspiring, and motivating as its author.

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