The Hustons

“The best biography to date of John Huston, this 800 page book is the work to which all future biographers and critics must turn. Grobel writes lucidly and brightly, a first-class story about a personality more curious and fascinating than most characters in fiction.”

–Kirk Honeycutt, Daily News

From Walter to John to Anjelica and Danny, there are three generations of Oscar winners in the remarkable Huston family. Their lives and careers crisscross continents and involve great personalities and issues. In this surprisingly candid book, biographer Lawrence Grobel recounts their hardships and triumphs, their love affairs and losses. Based on more than two hundred interviews with his wives, mistresses, children, co-stars, and the man himself, this book pays particular attention to the rich career and tumultuous personal life of the director/actor John Huston (1906-1987). The Hustons is the definitive history of the show-business dynasty. The author details their incalculable impact on vaudeville, theater, and Hollywood, and their creation of a film legacy that includes The Maltese Falcon, The African Queen, The Treasure of Sierra Madre, Prizzi’s Honor, The Dead, and Agnes Browne.

This updated edition covers Anjelica’s stormy relationship with Jack Nicholson, her liberating marriage to artist Robert Graham, the exploits of her brothers Tony and Danny, the mysterious silence of Maricela, John’s last love interest, and much more.

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