Conversations with Brando

“The best book about Brando that’s ever been written. This is the most revealing portrait of the man that I’ve ever seen.”

–Jules Buck, Producer

Conversations with BrandoFor ten remarkable days in June 1978, Lawrence Grobel spent every waking minute with legendary actor Marlon Brando and his family on Brando’s Tahitian island, Tetiaroa. It was the first time in twenty-five years that Brando, notorious for his reclusive, reticent lifestyle, had granted an extended interview to anyone. The result — accompanied by Grobel’s astute observations of the man, the actor, the husband, and the father in crisis — reveals Brando himself in all his varied aspects and provides an intimate look at his many concerns: his self-imposed exile to the South Seas, his impassioned crusade for Native Americans, his view of what an “artist” really is, his roles in On the Waterfront and Last Tango in Paris, his relationship with Elia Kazan and Charlie Chaplin, and much more.

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