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Interviewing Myself (The Art of the Interview)

After I finished interviewing James A. Michener for my book Talking with Michener, I asked if he would consider interviewing himself as the final chapter, to cover things on his mind that I might not have touched upon. He was reluctant, but then he read an interview that Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer did with […]

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Jesse “The Mouth” Ventura

“Hey Larry, Jesse Ventura here, how are you?  I’m in town doing this book tour thing. Larry King, Wolf Blitzer….I’m free for dinner on Friday if you are.” “Sure,” I said, “I’d love to see you governor.”  Former presidents still get called president, so I guess former governors should get the same respect.  He was […]

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Nobel Worthy Norman Mailer (The Mailer Review)

In the days before the Internet, before e-mails, before cell phones, before fax machines—at least before the cheap accessibility to fax machines—when you wanted to send something quick and urgent you sent a telegram.  Just remembering this makes me feel old.  But I do remember because it was a telegram I sent to Norman Mailer […]

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